Sunday, 29 November 2015

Hurricane's Bar and Grill - Hillary's

"Perth's very own Hurricane's?! FOR REAL??!" 
Yes we did scream out our excitements when we found out that it was opening on the 23rd November in Hillary's Boat Harbour...

We decided to pay a visit on Thursday night with a bunch of friends, thinking that it wasn't going to be very packed. Lucky enough we made a booking the night before because when we arrived at 7:30pm all the seats were occupied.
We got assigned to our own waiter to help us out with the ordering. Having already tasted the Hurricane's Bar and grill in Sydney, we had quite a high expectation of the quality of the ribs.
Between the eight of us, we ordered 1kg of Pork Ribs , 1kg of Beef Ribs, and 2 lots of BBQ platters.
Yes we were hangry, after a long day at work plus the hectic long wait caused by the rail closures which happened earlier. 
After forty five minutes of waiting that seemed like forever, our feast arrived on the table. HALLELUJAH! Prepped up with bibs, we dig 'em up right away! 

Hurricane's BBQ Meat Platter - BBQ basted chicken wings, lightly basted boerewors, juicy lamb cutlets, short cut sirloin and Hurricane's famous ribs AUD$105 (rating:3/5)

 Full Rack Beef Ribs basted with Hurricane's Secret Sauce AUD$49.50 ( Rating: 3.5/5) 

The Verdict:
  • The pork ribs were delicious. The sauce was generous and you can taste the sauce to-the-bone!
  • The beef ribs were humongous. Very juicy and delicious, but we think the meat could be a little more softer. 
  • The BBQ platters consisted of 4 chicken wings, few lamb cutlets, steaks, and pork ribs. Yep it was huge. The chicken wings tasted pretty average, but the lamb cutlets and steak were sooo tender! 
  • The sides (sweet potato fries and french fries) were so crispy. 
Needless to say, we finished everything, leaving no traces of food. Literally. We probably looked like beasts in other people's eyes but oh well. HAPPY TUMMIES!

Handy tips: 
  • Do not wear white shirt! although you will be given a bib, but there's still that tiny chance of the sauce landing on your shirt. Especially if you are taking your toddlers.
  • Make sure you make a prior booking either by phone call or online reservation. 
  • Not recommended for new lovers going on their first date. Ladies, you will have chunks of meats stuck in between your teeth. We did witness a poor girl on a date, stuck eating a bowl of salad shyly. 
Enjoy your Hurricane's experience, and don't forget to leave us a comment below to share your ribs moment with your loved ones!

Hurricane's Bar and Grill WA
 Sorrento Quay Boardwalk, Hillarys Boat Harbour
 203/58 Southside Dr, Hillarys WA 6025 (where Hippo Creek used to be)

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 12noon to 3pm for lunch
Monday – Friday: 5pm to late for dinner
Saturday and Sunday: All day dining from 12noon

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Leaky Tap

This post is dedicated to all dog owners out there! 

Leaky Tap is a cozy little cafe hidden in Mosman Park, founded by Australian gymnast Olivia Vivian. She dedicated this cafe in honour of her late father who was a well known plumber around the area. It was not a surprise when we found out that the chairs were made of toilet bowls, and other decorations were plumbing related. It is very unique as there is nothing quite like it around Perth. 

Come to our surprise though, this cafe is very dog friendly. They have this special menu for our fur babies called "Puppuccino" which is made from dog friendly ingredients, although it looks just like a normal cappuccino.

We took Axel to try the Puppuccino. He was shy at first, but he demolished it like there was no tomorrow when no one was watching... 

Axel begging for his Puppuccino

Meanwhile, we ordered the big breakfast with extra bacon and baked beans. The bacon was cooked perfectly, and the baked beans... we just loved it! Their foods and ambience reminds us of home. Very warm and cozy. Beside that, we don't have to feel bad when we take Axel out to eat because he can have his very own Puppuccino

Loved that baked beans & bacon! 

Another plus point for this plus is the friendliness of the staffs. They always greet us with smiles and the owner is not hesitant to deliver our meals. So what are you guys waiting for? check them out!

The Leaky Tap
43 Victoria St , Mosman Park 
Mon-Fri 7am-4pm
Sat-Sun 8am-3pm

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Varsity Bar

Howdy Ho! 

recently one of us has turned into a Fried Chicken-dict. While searching on places that sells good fried chicken in Google, Varsity Bar popped up so we decided to pay a visit there. 

We really love spicy, so we ordered their Dr Paul's Devil Wings and thought we would try their Steak Po Boy subs. 
For those of you who don't know Dr Paul, he is a champion for inventing different sorts of sauces, most of them being hot sauces. ( read more here ).  
Dr Paul's Devil Wings is basically fried chicken wings smothered in Dr Paul's devil bbq sauce, topped with cut chilli and celery sticks. They did warned us that it will be very hot, but we definitely under estimated their words... Every bite gave us tears in our eyes BUT IT WAS SO SO GOOD!!
The Steak Po Boy sub is rump steak, bacon, cheese, lettuce, onion rings & tomato jam squished in between a torpedo bun.  They came with a side of beer battered chips which was utterly delicious. The combination was just perfect and the bun was so soft ( a bit too buttery though. Little less butter next time please! :D ) 

Being located in Broadway, this place is easily accessible by UWA students. They open everyday from 11am -12pm except for Sunday they close at 10pm. 
They also have special events on Monday - Thursday & Sunday every week. 
Check out their website guys! 

We will definitely come back for more!! 

Taste: 4/5
Price: 2/5 (uni students pocket friendly)
Ambience: 2/5 

Varsity Bar
88 Broadway Crawley WA 6009
Ph: (08) 9386 5147
Instagram: @varsitybar


Friday, 3 April 2015

Melbourne.Day ONE.Lunch

Not long after Hammer and Tong , we made our way to Elizabeth St for Menya. Previously, we always go to the Melbourne Central shop but our friend told us that the Elizabeth St shop is much bigger and require less waiting time. 

For those of you who have never heard of Menya, it is actually a ramen shop, but they are famous for their Gyutan Don. In Japanese, gyu means ox, tan means tongue and don means rice bowl. So Gyutan Don is basically ox tongue (flavoured, of course) served on a bed of rice. Some of you might squeak a little when you think of ox tongue being served on top of a bowl of rice, but hey, don't judge a book by its cover! (or should we say, don't judge the taste of this dish by its name!) 

We love spicy, so we ordered the spicy gyutan don. You can actually choose how spicy you want it to be, and you can also add extra meat or egg. For the price that you pay, the portion is very generous and on top of that, they provide their customers free flowing fruit infused water. 

Spicy Gyutan Don - AUD$13.70

The Verdict: 
  • We loved it!! The flavour was very rich, and the ox tongue was very tender and juicy. We have been to a few different places for gyutan don but Menya has definitely won our heart. As you could see, the ox tongue were sliced thinly, which enables the seasonings to be absorbed into every inches of the meat. The Japanese rice was perfectly cooked. (Taste: 4/5)
We actually went to visit this place again just before we flew back to Perth to buy some takeaway for our friends. You could ask them for a portion of all meat for the same price. 
Handy tip: we bought a warm/cool food bag from Daiso to place our gyutan don to preserve the heat. 

Menya Ramen

Opening hours:
Monday-Sunday 11am- 9:30pm

Dress code:

437 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 

(03) 9328 8928

Friday, 20 March 2015

Crankytummy goes to Melbourne!!! (day ONE, breakfast)

Monday, 9th March 2015

SO EXCITED!!! Touch down in Melbourne and our food journey is about to start!
Our bad, we were not aware that today is Melbourne's Labour day, but thank God all the places we wanted to visit weren't closed (so unlike Perth!). 

Our first stop was Hammer and Tong 412. They opened couple of years ago, and are located just off Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. It was not hard to spot this eating house. We thought this place was going to be tiny, but to our surprise, they structured their interior so that the place looks spacious and not to forget, very cozy.
The room has great lightings as it has large windows , and white brick walls which gives good reflections of the lights. Their corridors are filled with hanging lights and green plant hangers, giving it a great vibe.

They offered various breakfast menu, and our mouth waters just by reading the descriptions of each dishes. Three of their most popular dishes are the Breakfast Ramen, Salt & Pepper French Toast, and the Soft Shell Crab Burger. We chose the ramen and the french toast, KFC spice haloumi chips, and for drinks, we had the rooibos tea and hot mocha. 

Breakfast Ramen (62'C hens egg , bacon, mushroom. spring onion and bacon dashi) - AUD $19

KFC Spice Haloumi Chips - AUD $5

Salt&Pepper French Toast with fried duck egg, maple, chorizo, smoked oreo crumbs, duck egg &salted caramel ice cream - AUD $21

Mocha - AUD $4

The verdict:
  1. Ramen: We loved the breakfast ramen, and one bowl is definitely not enough! Unlike the ordinary ramen, they use sliced bacon instead of char-siu. It was so tender and did not have much fats , just how we like it. The egg was cooked perfectly, and the bacon dashi completes the flavour. (Taste: 4/5)
  2. French Toast: an interesting combination of sweet and salty, but . You got to have a bite of everything and enjoy the mixture of flavours explode in your mouth. Bravo for the creativity! (Taste: 3/5)
  3. Haloumi: every bite of it was so chewy. Gotta dip it on the sauce to give a bit of a kick! (Taste: 3/5)

Overall, we were very satisfied with this place. The service was great, loved the fancy utilities, the staffs were pretty hands on with everything, the foods were lovely! Definitely will be back for more!! (oh man, that Soft Shell Crab Burger...) 

Hammer & Tong 412

Opening Hours
Sunday - Monday 7am to 4pm

Tuesday - Saturday 7am to late
Dresscode: casual 
Address: Rear 412 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Vic 3065
Telephone : 03 9041 6033      
Email & Website & Instagram